Premier Investments London Limited


Premier Investments London Limited (Pillar) started in 2002 and successfully delivered year on year returns of 20% to its closed group of investors. Pillar is now an International group of companies.

What we do

Pillar invests in and develops projects all around the world placing its own funds, and funds from the Pillar Investment Club, into high yield, low-risk, capital intensive projects.


Property Sales

Pillar is involved in a project to develop a site in Pakistan which will be home to almost 250,000 people – through it’s group company, Pillar Letsbwise.

House Building

Through Pillar Nicolson Homes the group has been able to develop the site at Qurtaba City and provide luxury eco-houses at affordable prices.

Automotive Sales

Pillar started out by investing in capital intensive assets, with Premier Panel Experts Ltd, such as vehicles and this has been the backbone of the business since 2002.

Private Investment Club

Since 2002 Pillar has operated a private, by invitation only, investment club which has consistently delivered annual profits of in excess of 20%.

Utilities & Civil Engineering

Pillar ASM Builders has been part of the group since 2015 and provides the development expertise and infrastructure for Qurtaba City.

Power & Energy

Pillar invests in power projects in various countries where supplies are a critical issue, including electricity, renewable energies & water.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

We have never been shy here at Pillar – actively developing, investing in, and building a city in Pakistan for 250,000 residents will speak of our ambition. Our results will speak for themselves!


Satisfied Investors

Ongoing Projects

Coffees per day!

It’s a team effort

We are only as good as the people we have and that is never more true in our case. Our group has grown through collaboration, joint ventures, acquisitions, hard work and determination. But behind all of that it’s the people that have shared the journey that have also shared the success.

Image – The Pillar Senior Team, taken at the CEO Club Pakistan Event in Lahore August 2018

Let’s Start Something new
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We love to explore new opportunties and projects with new clients and fellow entrepreneurs around the world. Why not reach out to us? You never know where it might lead!